Aquitania Cabernet Sauvignon

Viña Aquitania

The Maipo Valley is the historic birthplace of great Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. Aquitania’s prestigious team has taken the time to understand this terroir and offer up a unique definition of Cabernet Sauvignon in this wine. Aquitania is an intense, smooth and particularly lingering wine: oak notes stand alongside fruity aromas (in particular blackcurrant), the sign of high-quality maturation.

  • Région : vallée du Maipo, piémont de la Cordillère des Andes.
  • Terroir : clay and stone for 50 cm, colluvial soils.
  • Grape varieties : 90% Cab. sauvignon, 10% syrah.
  • Maturation : 8 months (50% french oak barrels, 50% stainless steel vats).