La Colline du Rocher


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It all begins high on the Saint-Emilion limestone plateau, looking out across the sky.

The property

La Colline du Rocher comes from Château du Rocher, with its sloped terroir on the southern slope of Saint-Emilion: the Côte Pavie


An organic approach for nearly 10 years has enriched the soil. This promotes the assimilation of mineral elements, the precursors of essential aromas.

The vintage

2016 was a sunny year, encouraging complex, flavoursome wines. On this type of terroir, and applying the rules of organic agriculture, it produced dazzling wines.

The terroir



Grape varieties

A typical Saint-Emilion blend from the limestone slopes, with dominant Merlot giving a round, sunny style.

Let’s taste!


A berry bouquet with a floral touch. A dynamic, fruity texture persists. White flowers on the finish.

Thank you and enjoy!
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