Our family


Alexandre Thienpont

Alexandre’s universe is dedicated to wine. After having studied oenology he worked at Château la Gaffelière in Saint Emilion where he increased his knowledge in viticulture and winemaking.

He became director of Vieux Château Certan in 1985 as natural heir to his father Léon, but also as natural heir to the Thienpont ‘s common heritage.
Alexandre is a modest and talented man, his quest is to always improve Vieux Château Certan’s quality true to family tradition. Thanks to him, Vieux Château Certan has become a high precision wine. His son Guillaume now works by his side.


Jacques Thienpont

Jacques is their Belgian cousin. He took over the wine trading business, a company founded by Kamille Thienpont in Hof te Cattebeke, in Etikhove in 1842, in his uncle’s stride.

He purchased Le Pin in 1979, a mere 1,5 hectares in those days. He began making his own wine with modest means, and the help of his cousin Alexandre. The rest of the story is common knowledge now. The exceptional terroir, the know how, the wine’s complexity and richness, its scarcity, all contribute in making Le Pin one of the most sought after wines in the world.
Being an entrepreneur, Jacques didn’t stop there. He has just bought Château L’If, a beautiful terroir located in Saint Emilion, where Cyrille, Nicolas’s son is in charge.


Nicolas Thienpont

Nicolas is François’s brother. He studied law and philosophy, and began his career working in metallurgy. He got to know viticulture and winemaking, in 1983, when he produced the first vintage of Château Puygueraud, the family estate he still runs today, as he does Château les Charmes Godard Laclaverie and La Prade that he also owns.

He is a one man-band, and has made a reputation of reviving wineries. Thanks to his many talents, Château Pavie Macquin reached 1rst growth status in Saint Emilion. He manages and co-manages Château Larcis Ducasse, Beauséjour Duffau Lagarosse and Berliquet.

His son Cyrille, works at his side.