Our creations


Terra Burdigala is the direct result of my passion for winegrowing in Bordeaux and its diversity.

I was determined to gather a group of winegrowers who believed in the same high standards of quality as I do: respect for nature, low yields and wines with real authenticity. From meticulously selected vineyards, sometimes far away from the most fashionable appellations, my goal is to produce tailor made wines. I am thus personnally involved in every stage of winegrowing and winemaking, from the vine to the bottle. Terra Burdigala wines reveal their own terroir and are a true testimony of my conception of Bordeaux’s: fruit, balance and pleasure.

I am happy to introduce yo you and let you discover Terra Burdigala, you will find the best of Bordeaux’s vineyards in our wines !

The work in the vineyard

I'm not saying that making wines from great terroirs is easy, but you don’t really ask yourself too many questions, whereas working with less easy terroirs requires creativity. Stéphane Derenoncourt

Above all, TERRA BURDIGALA was created to help and support a group of carefully chosen Bordeaux winegrowers who, like us, believe that sensible viticultural principles are one of the keys to success. Our motto is respect for nature... Without such respect, we would be depriving our wines of their true character.

The need for rigorous assessment

Every parcel and every vinestock benefits from the upmost care based on rigorous assessment.
Approaching the vineyard through the principles of «lutte raisonnée» -measured protection- involves assessing and treating the vine according to the threat of diseases and the stage of vegetative growth. The indigenous yeasts are thereby protected.

Using only organic manures and grassing in order to balance the vine's nutritive requirements, limiting the use of chemical weedkillers and enhancing the natural environment... All these practices are the gage of the finest expression of the terroir in the fruit.

Hands-on management as a key to success

The first tool to success, however, remains observation ! Absolutely nothing can replace close and regular observation of the vineyard in order to understand what is going on and respond as accurately as possible to its needs.

These practices become more demanding in the summer... Leaf removal and green pruning may become necessary, in order to obtain balanced yields which correspond to the potential of each parcel. The aim is to reach optimum ripeness and sufficient concentration in the grape, in order to give the best possible expression of the individual terroirs.

TERRA BURDIGALA lets nature speak for itself !

The work in the winery

Once the grapes have arrived at the winery, the winemaker immediately gets down to work.

It's important to remember one thing: TERRA BURDIGALA has followed very closely the progress of the vine since the spring and is therefore in an ideal position to undertake the the vinification with extreme accuracy. The date of the harvest, decided by regular tasting of the berries, is the first step in making the wine.

The fruit is the soul of our wines

Employing vinification methods which respect the grapes - limited pumping-over, gentle extraction, temperature control - results in wines which are balanced, true to their origin. According to how the wine tastes, the vinification is carefully monitored on a daily basis, by Stéphane Derenoncourt and his team. Maturation in barrel is used as a means of allowing the wine to reveal itself. Other wines are matured in vat, thereby conserving all their aromatic freshness.

TERRA BURDIGALA's aim is to retain and express the true identity and charm of the wines of Bordeaux.

Simplicity and common sense as guides

Like it is in the vineyard, common sense remains TERRA BURDIGALA's guideline when it comes to vinification. Therefore, technology (from sorting tables to micro-oxygenation) is seen as a mean to express, a working tool, rather than an end in itself.

Technology is there, from start to finish, to serve a natural product.