Our team


Chantal Bulfoni

She has been working for Wings since its creation in 1996, after having worked 2 years in London.

She is François Thienpont’s assistant. She has obtained the DUAD, a University wine tasting diploma. She looks after a selection of Wings and Terra Burdigala clients in Northern Europe, the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Japan.

She organizes visits to Chateaux for clients visiting Bordeaux and its region, and assists François Thienpont during the Primeur campaign every year.


François Thienpont

François is a tireless globe-trotter. He is Ambassador for the family wines, and for the great or more affordable Bordeaux wines distributed all over the world. François Thienpont’s selection can be found all over Europe, in the United States and Canada, in Asia and Australia also. In each country, the wines are commercialised thanks to high quality partners: renown distributors, great restaurants, passionate cellar masters and sommeliers.

He reaches out to clients who are interested in his approach and are eager to understand his choice of wines.


Coralie Dabadie

She studied in Paris at the University Paris X, worked in the wine trade in London and Paris, and also worked in Texas for Loire Valley producers where she met François Thienpont. She has a real passion for wine and the wine business. After settling back in Bordeaux, her hometown, she started working for Wings -Terra Burdigala in 2012 as market developer for the US.


Bernadette Thienpont

From the Thienpont George family, Bernadette naturally loves wine.
After spending 3 years studying in the United States, she goes to London and works at the Sotheby’s wine department. When she comes back in France, she is proud to present and sell in Paris and London, the newly released family wine Château Puygueraud. She also becomes the ambassador for the family properties, including Vieux Chateau Certan.
She earns then large experiences by working in different distributing and wine merchant companies in France and abroad. This contribute in developing with great enthusiasm Terra Burdigala and Wings.


Karine Bouton

She is Terra Burdigala’s and Wings’s commercial assistant. She comes from the Entre Deux Mers region, from a wine growing background. Previously, she worked briefly in the building, then the automobile industries.
Her job consists in looking after French clients (restaurateurs, retailers and private customers) as well as a selection of European and Asian clients.

Another of her functions is to assist Frédéric Massie, Derenoncourt Consultants, during bottling of the red Terra Burdigala Bordeaux wines in the autumn.


Coralie Brice

She spent a year traveling in Australia to improve her English, and came back to France where she took a part time course to study the wine and spirit trade. Her first experience was working for a family owned wine estate in Listrac Médoc. She started working for Wings – Terra Burdigala at the beginning of 2012 as a commercial assistant.