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FRANCOIS Thienpont is the proud heir of a Belgian family dedicated to wine since the 19th century. His ancestors migrated to the Bordeaux’s region in the 1920’s, where they came to produce and trade wine. Vieux Chateau Certan, acquired by his grand- father Georges, Château Puygueraud and Le Pin count as some of their historic vineyards.

After having studied viticulture and business in France, François worked a few years in the US, in wine distribution in Texas. In 1983, during his American stay, he presented Le Pin 1981 to Robert Parker, when it was released for the very first time in the country.

In 1985, he came back to Bordeaux to oversee the marketing and sales of Château Puygueraud’s wines, an estate bought by his father George in 1946. At the same time, under the title of President of the Union of the Côtes de Francs appellation, François worked hard at rehabilitating the wines of this forgotten region in the minds of trade, press and consumers.

Wanting to prove his professional worth, François created Wings in 1995. A company dedicated to selling the finest wines of Bordeaux, it has Grand Crus allocations and can therefore trade with Europe, Asia, USA and Canada. The company distributes the Thienpont family property wines and also represents lesser known Châteaux that produce wines with the same level of quality as do the most illustrious growths.

François Thienpont sells wines that he likes, wines which are authentic and express the “terroir” and vintage character. To face the international competition, he creates TERRA BURDIGALA in 2002, which means « Soil of Bordeaux ». From vine to bottling and marketing, TERRA BURDIGALA is the partner of meticulous vinegrowers from Bordeaux region.

François Thienpont is discreet and generous. He has a passion for music, and he is a true gourmet. Thanks to his travel experiences and meeting people, he has very high standards of expectancy in matters of taste.


François Thienpont heir and is pursuer of a long family tradition from vineyard to trade. This family dedication to wine was born in Flanders during the 19th century, and settled in the Bordeaux region since 1920.


François Thienpont exports over 90% of the wines he selects to China, the United States and to a large number of European countries.


François Thienpont offers a large variety of châteaux of which there are over 100 Grand Crus and Crus Bourgeois, in order to give you a unique and high quality choice.